Friday, November 3, 2017

Your Quality of Life : Why is it essential?

Your body is a living biological organism like any plant or other animal, all its organs, fluids and cells work as a united team, if an element of the group is not the best, your physique becomes sick and the disease makes its presence He felt.

Think of your body as a football group, you do not have to know anything about football, all you need to know is that you have a local team and an opposing team. The football field is life, from the brief moment of the first play, your delivery, to the final goal, the end of your life. The opposing team, all the sources of outdoor evasion want to reduce your life by simply stealing the ball and going in the opposite route. I get in touch with this premature death due to illness or illness.

The opposing team consists of some great players, free radicals and persistent inflammation, these players never get tired and will not give up. From the brief moment you are born, free of charge, the radicals enter your really young physique with your first breath and begin their own attack on your cells.

Free: radicals are atoms or molecules that lack an electron, any cell that attacks them attacks them and tries to steal an electron from them. Free radicals continue their own attack until they are successful, in the method that they damage healthy cells that may be attacking.

Free: Radicals are a correct part of life. They are in the contamination of the water and the air, they can be in the processed foods that we all consume, for free, the radicals are caused by traumas and injuries as well. An additional flow of totally free radical damage originates in the medicines we consume to recover from health problems. This specific damage by free radicals through drugs is called "side effects". You can find instances in our lives whenever we need to take medicines to fight a major disease, but we must keep in mind that we can increase our immune system during the entire time we are in this type of necessary medication.

This will decrease the damage and the help of relative side effects in our long-term recovery. Every time you breathe, free radicals get into the technique and start playing for your opposing team. The next associated rival team is persistent inflammation investigators who are calling this player a muted killer. Our bodies are remarkable organisms if they detect an injury or illness that sends a true member of the local team, known as irritation, to help in the protection of our body and help recover the place that is damaged.

This is where the game becomes a little complex, the radicals completely deceive, never damage a cell when they steal an electron, mutate the cell or actually deform it, the particular damaged cell will however become another totally free of radicals when the balanced inflammation of the equipment of the house tries to enter and safeguard the now harmful cell that the body intuitively feels as broken, the sick cell ignites the attacks and the inflammation steals an electron. At this point, when the irritation heals, the cellular material is mutated or even deformed and becomes a chronic irritation directed at the healthy tissues within our systems. Boy oh yes boy, this particular starts the whole chain associated with continuous events. But remember this in particular, the soccer game provides two teams playing on the field.

You have to breathe every day to be able to live. Now you realize that every time you take your breath completely free, the radicals enter the body and cause damage. However, you can win the game in large amounts of antioxidants to refresh the players in your group. Antioxidants are their own really big players, they can be molecules or even atoms that have a good added electron that can provide the free radical. When this happens, free radicals no longer play completely with the opposing team, as an alternative, this begins to play for you.

This is what we call building the strengths of your group, your group impulse is your immune method. His team works but his immune program is his coach, if his immune system is solid he can send the necessary players at the right time to fight against any invader that his physical structure can find. But you need to feed your immune system, it requires essential vitamins and minerals with the same effectiveness as large doses of antioxidants every day. If you deprive your defense mechanisms of the necessary nutrients, then your players in the field.

Today, what did you eat? You are breathing contaminated air while reading this article, what kind of defense did your immune method provide? I hope you have taken your minerals and vitamins. Did you eat any fresh fruit or more vegetables? What about your children?

Most of the vegetation consists of approximately 1, 500 to 1, 500 antioxidants, vitamins and minerals contain a large amount of antioxidants too. Vitamin E and C contain the highest amount of antioxidants. You can take the full amount of vitamin C you want without harming your body, but the health supplement E has a recommended dose per day, take much more and can trigger problems, do not exceed the recommended doses for weight. Fish also have a high number of antioxidants, try putting that in your diet plan several times a week. Believe in this Now, antioxidants can be destroyed by you in your food through your cooking habits.

Do not cook fish or vegetables in the microwave, either steamed or grilled, do not cover fingerlings and fats. The foods are delicate and can destroy any ongoing health benefit through inadequate preparation. Food is biological organisms like you too. Now, if you are like me and have a tendency to burn problems, then do what I did and invest in a juice and squeeze your vegetables and fruits, make your way to a much healthier home. The incredible thing about the juices, there are so many combinations that you can get your children to drink their vegetables in particular by adding fresh, sweet fruits to the mix. Woohoo!

At this point, we will appear in the particular numbers, due to our ignorance, simply, as a population of people, we have caused serious pollution difficulties with this amazing planet that we survived. So we end up taking approximately one billion free radicals per day approximately, in the type or type of pollutants. Let's look at how several antioxidants we can consume if we have 1 whole grape fruit and 2 eggs and 1 part of toast for breakfast, and let us not overlook our multivitamin, we will take approximately 3,600 antioxidants. . For a snack, we have a banana and a glass of milk that comes close, let's be generous, one, 800 antioxidants.

Lunch now we have fish with steamed spinach and a single cup of brown rice, that is, approximately four, 000 antioxidants. Dinner arrives and we do it very well and we have a good cut associated with the steak and some spargelkohl steamed with red onions and mushrooms, now we add a yam to that food and consume 9, 500 antioxidants. For the day, we really did not do it effectively, only 18, 900 antioxidants. The football game is being lost and we think we won. What can we do? You can drink many more fruits and vegetables, squeezing them out of trying to consume them, and you will not lose the antioxidants in these life-saving foods. In addition, there is a newly discovered fruit in Southeast Asia known as mangosteen fruit.

The particular fruit of mangosteen has been applied in the countries of Southeast Asia for centuries for all types of food. To date there are a considerable number of conventional uses known as anti-diarrheic, anti-inflammatory, pain treatment, treatment of infections, fever, gastrointestinal problems, burns and skin rashes, headaches, antiparasitic, joint and musculoskeletal difficulties, control of diabetes and blood sugar, viral, fungal and bacterial infections, such as mouth ulcers, prevention of atherosclerosis, dementia, depression and anxiety, cancer plus anti-aging concerns, and there are many, many more. The list associated with health benefits continues to create, as many clinical analyzes and scientific analyzes are generally carried on these fruits.

During the last 20 years, independent scientists and universities have been conducting research on mangosteen fruit, they wanted to find out why people in the countries of Southeast Asia did not suffer the same ailments that we know in this nation. The major ailments that are killers here in the US UU Barley is observed in Southeast Asia. As researchers had begun to study this unique fruit they identified, it has the ability to help control the disease. The chemical compound called xanthones was found within the pores and skin of this fruit in report numbers, an additional surprising point was the record amount of antioxidants discovered in this fruit. The particular mangosteen fruit includes the highest amount of antioxidants ever discovered in 1 meal, an incredible 25, 500 per fruit. Woohoo!

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